Digital Marketing for a US State

Large US State for Asian Representation


Increase awareness of state beyond its largest city by showcasing destinations appealing to women and FITs highlighting charming towns and culinary experiences

United States

Track customer journey and utilize custom designed content advertorials, as well as e-newsletters, user surveys and digital/social media advertising to expand awareness, capture customer intelligence and drive traffic to website.

Custom designed content advertorials, e-newsletters, digital and social media advertising


11,000,000 JPY

Campaign reached a wider than expected audience generating 57 million advertising impressions, 55,000 pageviews of native content, and 3,800 flight/hotel searches leading to at least 200 confirmed bookings. Customer actions indicated the content resonated with the target female audience and motivated them to book. Targeting the style and tone of the content to match the users of each platform helped pinpoint the message and contributed to the success.  Searchable content is still available on two of the platforms providing ongoing marketing benefits